Tolling and Road Maintenance Management Applications

Xi Systems provide resources that manage, develop, and maintain bespoke applications for the South African National Roads Agency (SANRAL).
The South African Road Design System

SARDS is integrated with the ITIS application and runs as a desktop application at SANRAL. The primary function of the SARDS application is to assist with the road analysis and design process as well as quality control during the construction process.

This product allows for simulations for road design that applies calculations for environment, traffic and condition obtained from ITIS, is then used to calculate the Bill of Materials (BoM) required to construct the roads.

Xi Systems provides high performance computing (HPC) services to the client for this project which includes the configuration of the HPC environment as well as the development and optimisation of HPC calculations and routines that are utilised within the SARDS application.

The South African Road Design System