Security and Building Management Applications

Our scalable enterprise Security and Building Management Applications allow for organizations to monitor and control all technical and security installations as well as implement their standard operating procedures within the environment for lighting, heating ventilation and cooling (HVAC), power input, output and backup power, fire panels, intrusion, access control system, camera systems (CCTV) to mention a few.
Xi Vigilance

The Xi Vigilance Suite comprises of a variety of applications and utilities that enable Xi Systems to provide a unified, highly integrated front-end for Security and Building Management solutions. These applications and utilities include:

Xi Vigilance Suite

  • PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) – A highly scalable, enterprise monitoring and control front-end application.
  • SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) – A platform that converges, controls, and manages devices that communicate using industry standard protocols.

This solution has been successfully implemented at a number of high security facilities, including several national key points.