Bespoke Personal Information Management Solutions

Allowing the implementation of system driven processes across an enterprise environment to manage critical business information against biometric profiles for both system users and the individuals that interact within the system processes real time on any device, regardless of location. These solutions provide our clients with the essential modules required to manage data with full audit-ability and to take control of business processes throughout the process life cycle.
Integrated Inmate Management System

This is custom heading elementIIMS is a bespoke solution built on the Xi Development Framework and is designed to incorporate South African Laws and Policies for the management of the inmate lifecycle in an integrated modular platform, fully aligned to the President’s drive towards harnessing the digital industrial revolution and aligned to the departments goal to a achieve a single view of the inmate profile.

IIMS Enables the effective management of the offender lifecycle through the core correctional processes of admissions, detention, and release. It is a robust system that is replacing the legacy systems across 243 Correctional Centres and 218 Community Corrections offices and incorporates modules for Health, Pharmacy, Spiritual Care, Phycology, Social Work, Nutrition, Education and skills development including managing the scheduling, attendance and assessments for the rehabilitation programmes. IIMS aims to eliminate paper-based processes that result in erroneous data capture that are open to fraud and corruption.