Software Development

Designing, developing and implementation of technology solutions.
The Xi Development

Xi Cadre Framework

The Xi Cadre Framework is a set of tools and utilities that the Xi Systems Development Team utilises to analyse, design, develop and deploy solutions quickly and effectively.

Various considerations have gone into the choice of components and technologies utilized in the toolset, including (but not limited to) platform independence, industry adoption, available libraries / toolsets, cost to market and enterprise capabilities. For this reason, the decision was made to create a hybrid platform which interoperates through a network of micro-services.

The front-end for the applications / systems are typically developed on the Angular platform. This platform provides the capability to reuse your code to build apps for any deployment target, including web, mobile web, native mobile and native desktop. This platform is utilized by several well-known technology companies, including Google.

This platform enables the developed systems / applications to be compatible with the latest versions of main-stream browsers available to the end-user.

The front-end is not limited to only this technology. Due to the service-oriented architecture of the solutions developed on this toolset, the frontend can be desktop, mobile or web, utilising any front-end technology that is able to consume the back-end services.

The back-end components of the systems / applications are developed utilizing multiple development technologies to enable best-of-breed components to come together and culminate in a highly scalable and robust enterprise solution.